Week 35 – The Life-learning Approach to Learning Maths concepts

Week 35 – The Life-learning Approach to Learning Maths concepts


JJ is trying out some new recipes. She spent most of an afternoon and well into the night making cupcakes from a book with icing people sleeping on top of them. Maths dominated the entire activity. Baking normally offers maths in the form of measuring and weighing. Often recipies require doubling or halving – so fractions come into play. This recipe was complicated further as it was American and required the converting of measurements and temperatures from imperial into metric. Out came the calculator and conversion tables. She also chose a recipe that was designed for twenty four cupcakes when she was only making six, so every ingredient needed to be reduced to a quarter of the original. There was a point in time where I thought, if that were me I would have given up, this was far harder than I had expected. Yet she persevered and at eleven at night arrived with sweety topped cupcakes, having abandoned her original plan, with the icing, when the icing mixture resulted in runny icing – as opposed to plastic icing. Note to self – I’m going to purchase plastic icing for her in future, much easier than making the stuff. The major downside was the kitchen when she finally finished. Normally the deal is whomever cooks has to tidy up afterwards. After such dedication I went into to help her tidy up and then we all got to enjoy some delicious cakes. Yummy cupcakes

I received some resistance from JJ for writing the blog. She is struggling to get to the end of this year. So far she hasn’t flat out refused. I’ve been able to explain the commitment and why it is important to stick to the project – not very unschooling I hear you say!

One of the discussions this week involved thrashing out the meaning of life, with both children. We explored various options and gave up none the wiser.

JJ and I are enjoying our read aloud book The Wee Free Men by TerryPratchett. This is where I read aloud to JJ as opposed to expecting her to read aloud to me.

JJ to me: I’m bored I want to do something with you. Me (surprised): you never say you are bored? JJ: Spend time with me? Me: of course darling. So we had a long chat.

JJ: Jesus is a demi-god. His mother is human and his father is … well … God! Me thinking: This is the result of reading too much Percy Jackson.

We were invited for a meal at family. JJ helped to make the fresh pasta parcels and is dying to try at home. Next time I’m in a kitchen shop I’m going to get her the tool to make these parcels.

Craft morning was at my uncle’s house I am mosaicing a mirror for our guest toilet in blues. I continued it in the afternoon when I returned home. It started out with a general theme of four quadrants and in the grieving state I found myself in over the days I worked on it until became a place symbolic of life. In the upper quadrant symbolises where people who have passed on end up, earth is in the bottom right quadrant and the oceans in the bottom left quadrant. I ran out of tiles with hardly any more to do and almost instantly my heavy feeling lifted. Must get more tiles and complete it.

I baked two fruit cakes, for my talented friend to decorate for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday party.

I’ve been trying to organise my South African drivers licence, sell my old car and purchase my aunt’s car. Felt a little overwhelmed with it all.

I managed to find the time to knock up the first draft for three travel articles and sorted out the pictures I’m going to submit for them. In this year of building a writing portfolio it is going so much better than I expected, although I’m not sure what I expected.

AA had a strange moment, he asked if he could shake a can of coke and throw it against a wall hard …. OKayyyy! So of course I said yes ;)

We watched Iron Man 3. It is a brilliant movie, I think I may have enjoyed it more than the first two. I’m no movie critic I measure it by enjoyment factor, and this is certainly passed with flying colours.

The Jedi Knights Homeschoolers met for a rare get together. I forgot my gown and was allowed to stay by the skin of my teeth. After a few hours of children playing and adults chatting I made a comment that none of us had yet discussed how we are approaching homeschooling, shared any material or demonstrated any unease in our decisions. When we first met whenever we got together we would hungrily discuss then integrate ins and outs of where were going or shared what we were doing. Jedi Knights has matured.

Here are some interesting links to read this week:

18 successful homeschoolers.

@NictoriaTPott expressed disgust with the law and authorities in Germany making the statement that this is 2013 and saying that the state does not own the children.

Please sign this petition against the Germans forcibly removing home school children from their families.


I am playing so much Minecraft it is really fun. Minecraft seems to get better and better every time I play he he. I’ve been learning about multiplayer.

I went to my cousins birthday lunch, he turned 5, and we made our own pizzas, I made a heart pizza. We gave him a cake lolly making kit, it looked cool, I think I wanted that instead of my cousin he he.

I decided I wanted to bake some cupcakes so I looked in my Hello Cupcake book for some decoration ideas and I found one recipe. I asked mom if she could take me to the shops so I could get the ingredients for the decorating he he sooooo exiting. I started baking and I ended baking, the result wasn’t anything like I wanted. I decided to make a different type of cupcake but the only difference was that I didn’t do the decorating he he. But this is something funny, have a look at what the kitchen looked like he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he

Messy Kitchen

I read lots of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters it was really getting interesting he he he.Upside down reading

I played with my rat Charlotte and I cleaned her cage she is still adorable he he.

Mom read the Wee Free Men to me it is sooooo funny he he.

My Dad told me how rubber is made it is very interesting He he.

I helped my dad make my dogs whelping box so she could have her puppies yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I went to bed and I read more Percy Jackson it was awesomely fun fun.

I went to my mom’s cousin’s house for dinner it was really nice I learnt how to make spinach pasta parcels they were delish mmmmmmm…..

I did some drawing on the right side of the brain exercise it is really fun.

JJ Drawing on the right Side of the Brain

We got Pam’s car (you know my great aunt who died) it is a really coooollll car!!!!!.

We went to the gem shop and my cousin bought me lots of beads it was awesome!!!!!!!!.

I went to my music lesson and fainted. So mom cancelled ballet and I watched the Simpsons movie, and that night mom and I watched a circus film called Circe de Soleil it was a bit boring because there was no talking but we stopped watching near the beginning.

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