Week 30 – The Importance of Family

Week 30 – The Importance of Family

The Importance Of Family

Time passes so quickly there’s no time to waste
Spend time with your family, don’t hesitate
For you never know if tomorrow will come
Show your love to all, and not just to some
You never know the impact that you will make
Make sure your actions are real and not fake
If tomorrow comes and your loved ones are gone
Your life is in despair and you’re left all alone
Yesterday is gone and you can’t get it back
Your heart is left cold, and your feelings now you lack
It’s regrets you’ll feel with a broken heart
You say ‘God if I could have just one more start’
But time that is lost can never again be found
There’s only quietness, no more laughter or sound
So use wisely the time in which you’ve been given
Don’t be wasteful and make sure that you are living
Your family is a precious gift from the Lord

Always show them love and don’t strike them with a sword
No human is perfect for we all make mistakes
We must learn forgiveness before it’s to late
If love we freely give then love we’ll freely get
And when it’s heaven time, we’ll be ready you can bet

Pamela O. Rucker


PamFamily members, having flown in from afar, stayed on after Pam’s funeral cumulating in a surreal round of family gatherings throughout the week. These were held sometimes at my place, or at B’s or at R’s house.  There was an illusory sense of having fun, we were enjoying each other’s company, knowing it was to be short lived. Yet there was a constant heavy blanket of loss hanging over us, still not quite believing that Pam wouldn’t ever walk through the door or that we wouldn’t ever get to hear her infectious laugh again. It dawned on me that I was well and truly entrenched in the numbed out, denial stage of being unable to accept her recent death. I’m seriously not looking forward to any of the other proposed stages of death! I think I’ll wallow here for a good while – at least it offers me a warped sense of hope. My heart goes out to B, hampered by his own grief, he has single handily organised everything concerned with Pam’s death looking after her attentively, as he had done throughout her life, now with equal care in her death. A loss as sudden and unexpected as this leaves one asking the question – What is the purpose of life?

Goblin CoveIt was lovely having my parents over to stay. It was especial spending this cherished time with them and to share some of our life in South Africa. Nearer the end of the week we managed to squeeze in a few tourist trips. We visited Askari Lodge in Magaliesburg and saw more animals than we ever have previously. Apart from the expected entertainment from the two male elephants we saw a very lazy crocodile, a herd of Wildebeest, a glorious kudu male and impala. About to take my seat on the patio I discover my dearest friends, J and T, who own the best place to stay in the whole of Goblin Cove statuesMagaliesburg Olive Tree Farm, what an amazing coincident! The universe does move in strange ways. Prior to that we popped into Goblin Cove where there is a real fairy skeleton, the most fantastical abode with fairies and goblins greeted us from every corner.

We visited Artist under the Sun at Zoo Lake, the 50 year old venue for local artists. We wandered around in the winter sunshine looking at all the art on offer. JJ decided that she was going to practise her art and come here to sell it. Walking around is thirsty work so we were glad to grab a cappuccino at Moyo, the restaurant on the edge of the lake. Then it was off to say our first set of goodbyes, my cousin and his family were leaving to return to their home in Canada – extremely sad. M is like a brother to me and after the loss of his mother it was not an easy goodbye. I will miss the whole family.

JJ invited her grandparent to all of her activities. They got to see her ballet, her modern dance and she put on a delightful show at her music lesson, singing and playing piano for all of us – including her cousin C. My mother spent the entire time crying, moved by the songs.

JJ impressed me when taking over the task of breaking the code for my parents lock on their case. Instead of the normal methodical working her way through the numbers, which was how the code did get broken in the end by my dad, she used their names and worked out the numeric equivalent for every letter entering in those numbers. Lateral thinking or what!

JJ Modern DanceJJ also took her grade 2 modern exam during this week passing with 90%, very impressive considering she only started modern dance earlier this year. Well done to all her friends who also did amazingly.  They are a delight to watch.

During this week we finally got together with AA’s golf coach, after several previous cancellations. He is interested in taking AA to the next level by coming up with an intense program for practising and starting him with a personal trainer. One of the main reasons that he gave for selecting AA, apart from his ability and good attitude, was the fact that he was home schooled enabling him more time to dedicate to his golf practise. It is going to be an exciting year for him whatever the outcome.

It was another very hard moment when time came to say goodbye to my parents. JJ and I drove off to meet up with our friends and AA, who had gone ahead a few days before, on our pre-arranged trip to the Drakensburg Mountains. My parents stayed behind with Bruce and flew back to the UK a few days later. There has been a dearth of difficult goodbyes lately.  I just hope we all get to see each other sooner rather than later.

Interesting links this week:

We watched an interesting TED talk on reversing the effects of desertification


I tried to break a 3 digit suitcase lock on my grandparents suitcase, it was fun, I tried letters of their names with number equivalent in the alphabet -  but that didn’t  work, my granddad tried and after a few tries he got it he he. It was really nice with my grandparents but the circumstances of them here were sad.

One night I made a PowerPoint poster it was very fun he he. My friend taught me a song on the piano the song ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ I love playing it he he. I watched a video of desertification my grandparents showed it to us he he.

Goblin Cove fairyI went to Askari Lodge with my grandparents in Magaliesburg, we saw a crocodile, a herd of Wildebeest, a kudu male, impala, and elephants, it was really nice but I started to have a cold and felt really sick on the way home. We also stopped at the fairy place and I took loads of pictures.

I put on a show, I sang and played the piano, at my music lesson for my grandparents and my cousin. My grandmother cried. I played Traverse with my mother, brother and granddad. I have never won traverse before and I didn’t win then he he.

I played a racing game on the playstation with my cousin it was fun but I was thinking about Pam, it made me sad. We made a den and had a picnic with my cousin it was nice.

We went to say goodbye to my cousin at B’s house (Pam’s husband). My cousin taught me about geocaching it sounded awesome but I couldn’t really do stuff then because I was going on holiday the next day. Anyway she told me all about geocaching. Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt, you find caches and inside will either be a log sheet, a logbook, or some items and you write your username and date down on a log sheet it sounded really cool. We said goodbye and headed home – I will miss them.

We visited Artist under the sun it was nice but then I got a bit bored.

I took my modern dance exam and passed. I didn’t enjoy this exam so much because it was so scary. But I’m glad I did it. I learnt a new dance at modern dance called ‘Grease lightning’ it was so fun I practised it every day he he. Mom rented the movie Grease so I could see the dance that I am dancing to, it was cool but the way Danny walks it quite weird he he.

Grandparents P & IThe one night we made pizza with pita bread, it was awesome. I finished my mosaic tray I made for mom, (I’ve been working on it since last year he he). All I have to do is paint it now. We watched Jack the Giant Slayer, it was nice, but some parts of it was boring. I went to ballet and my grandma watched, it was nice. We took my grandparents to Sandton city to look around, it was nice. I watched two Harry Potter movies, it was cool.

My grandparents bought me a doll, her name is Lagoona Blue, I was so excited. She is really cool.

We got up early in the morning to travel on holiday me and my mom, it was really, really, really sad saying goodbye to my grandparents, but they lived in England they couldn’t just move here.

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Thanks to Brenda from Dream Diva for the picture of JJ dancing

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