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Week 17 – Learning vs Consolidation

Week 17 – Learning vs Consolidation

This week can be summed up as consolidation week. We have another name for it in our family we call it a plateau time. I read somewhere that learning is not continual. Learning progresses in stops and starts. It tends to shoot up and then it plateaus off for a period of time. I imagine it to be like climbing steps. When an interest is reignited more information is gathered and added to the previous knowledge and up the step one climbs. During consolidation the learning is being assimulated and made sense of. Mostly this is being done unconsciously whilst we engage in unrelated activities.


I’m really enjoying reading aloud Safari Adventure, by Willard Price, to JJ. Written in 1966 it is a little dated but very relevant for today. Set in a game reserve in Kenya the book is packed with information about the Masai tribes, poachers and animals. I didn’t know that Cheetahs are similar to dogs and have been pets in the past, particularly used for hunting. Apparently the Masai people from Kenya existed mainly on blood drained from their cattle mixed with milk from their cattle. I felt the need to check on this fact and found a youtube clip titled Explorers join in a Masai ritual of drinking cows blood with other references to adding milk to the blood before drinking. This is a great book teaching us all about African life and the battle against poachers which is still a huge problem in Africa. I see he has written other books, guess what we are going to be reading when we’ve finished the final Harry Potter book.

Socialising is never an issue for us as home educators. We’ve enjoyed several social gathering this week. There was the lovely morning tea with homemade orange cup cakes, made by @odettejenn & D, our home school friends, they were delicious and the company was equally special. In addition, my cousin arrived with her two young children for the afternoon and I set them a treasure hunt with the Easter eggs that we had saved for them. They associate me with hiding chocolates so I try not to let them down. JJ has also had a friend over to play for a morning. Then we met up for dinner in the Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City, with our very old friend from the UK. He was over for a brief business trip. It was lovely reminiscing about the early days when our children were much younger growing up together in Berkshire, UK. There is a small rumour that he may be out for a longer trip in the not too distant future and is hinting at plans of bringing out JJ’s oldest friend to stay with us for a week. I really hope it comes off.

Bumpercars with dadWe visited the Portuguese annual market and I ate so much I could pop. What with the prego rolls, biltong, drie vors, roasted nuts and copious cans of drink I didn’t need supper that night. JJ drove me around on a bumper car. She was pretty good I was impressed. She drove her dad around and he has bruised his coccyx! I purchased two chilli plants in hanging baskets but I forgot to ask the sales guy how strong the chillies are, bad mistake! JJ got some funky colour footless tights to wear when winter arrives.

I haven’t had much one on one time with either of the children this week. Since our return from Zimbabwe everyone has been settling back into normal life. AA has an immense amount of work to catch up for his online school. We set a daily target to achieve and he is slowly pulling his way clear. It is not helping him enjoy his learning and I wince at the educational damage this is doing. I really can’t see this continuing past the end of the year. JJ has been engrossed in designing herself a new level for her Little Big Planet game, so I’ve left her to it. She made us all drop scones and set the table for afternoon tea. This was off her own bat, I found her in the kitchen spooning the mixture into the frying pan, complaining it was too thick. In true butterfly style she has done a million other things as outlined below.

I’ve been particularly busy writing first for this blog and then for the online travel company that I write for. In addition I’ve been making the final arrangement for our home school chocolate tasting and making experience, booked for June.

Writing for a travel company is most enjoyable. It provides another facet to travelling. Capturing the details about the trips helps me relive it and remember the finer details. I’ve finished writing the first article and plan to complete the second one tomorrow. For the first time since we’ve got back from holiday I’m starting to feel that I’m getting on top of things.

Reading and the TV have proved to be good distractions from getting on with things this week. Perhaps a part of me doesn’t want to fully enter normal life after our lovely 10 day break. We started to watch Sherlock last week and finished two series by watching the final two episodes last night. We all love the characters and can’t wait to get season 3. I’ve read two Jack Reacher novels since our return and have had to make a promise to myself to not read another one until I’ve ticked everything off my to do list. JJ has been online investigating the actors and checking out where she has seen them before. She told me that John Watson is acted by the sam actor who acted in the Hobbit. A movie she hasnt yet watched.

Here are some website that I’ve found interesting this week

Thanks to Classic Home schooler @ClassicalHSJ24 for Easy Poetry Activity for Kids: Spine Poems

Thanks Nadja Bester from Facebook Creative Unschooling group brought my attention to Photos of children from around the world with their most prized possessions offers an enlightening look at the way children live captured in photographs throughout the world. It is a similar approach to the photographs taken of where children sleep around the world that was doing the rounds a year ago.


Mom and I are reading Safari Adventure  by Willard Price it is very interesting it is about 2 brothers named Hal and Roger both in their teens joining the game ranges on the biggest game park in the world well in those days he he, the one time they were trying to stop the poachers  from setting  the animals traps the traps were thorn bushes used as fences and every like ten meters there was a hole in other words a trap. But the animals couldn’t see it so they walk into it because it is the only place to go apart from back. The other thing we read was when they stopped they stopped at the Masai tribes camp and I learnt that the Masai tribe only eat milk and blood blah that’s horrible don’t you think? We read about them actually getting blood how they did it was not the way you would imagine it. You would imagine it as they kill the animal and just drink its blood but no they don’t even hurt the animal they put an arrow in the cow not deep but deep enough for blood then blood just pours out and out into a cup or mug or whatever and of course they get the milk from the cows tits, they also spit in people’s faces for a greeting blah again. I would not like to live with one of them he he.

The other night my dad taught me how light bulbs work and he told me that the battery tester could also test bulbs for if they are working or not. It is very interesting how light and electricity works mmmmmm…..

We started watching Sherlock Homes the other night. You know Sherlock homes the guy that was a detective in the olden days? Aanyway there now is a movie made about him and his helper John Watson. It is so interesting and fun, a few nights later we finished it I was so sad.

A Present from my friendMy friend came round for a play the  guy that I sort of wrote a letter to in the other blog anyway we played Mancala and Traverse it was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fuuuuunn he he.

My best friend from England, her dad came over for a business trip we met up for dinner it was so cool but sad. I miss her. I got a present for her and a card and she got one for me. It was so sad not to see her but nice to see her dad because I really like him as well.

I half created a level on Little Big Planet on the Playstation at home it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. I’m going to show the whole family tomorrow.

I did my modern lesson it was sooooooo fun and cool. We learnt a new part of a dance it was fun as well.

I’ve been texting my Janna and I lost the drop scone recipe so I asked her for it and she got it for me. I was going to make them but the whole day everyone was so busy, including me, so I made them the next day but they were not very good.

I played Sumdog it was such fun. I nearly have enough coins to get this one item I want.

At my first training for acting roles I had to sing. I sang Someone Like You by Adele. I had to learn a script and advertise my shoes it was scary but fun.

I played Moshi Monsters –  I played this new mission it was fun.

I went to brownies for the first time in ages. It was fun we played ladders, the game I played on my first time at brownies, it was fun. Then I enrolled someone.  I was so exited it was the only second time I had enrolled someone it was so fun. I am a seconder so I get to enrol someone when the sixer is away.

Chinese hair styleMy friend came round for a play and we made Chinese hairstyles for our dolls, it was so cool, here is pictures do you like them?

I went to my friend’s house and we played Just Dance 3 and then I came back home and danced to the same thing on YouTube.

I played tennis with the school children again it was nice.

At music lesson I sang, played the lots on the piano and learnt sight reading. I am ok .

I played two games of solitaire and read all my emails that have piled up while I was away there was lots some from Janna, some from mom, some from my friends and some from advertising companies. I delete those.

I tried making a list of names of all the people and pets I’ve ever met on an excel spreadsheet. I’m still working on it I still think I won’t remember everyone.

I searched online to see if Justine Bieber smokes weed as my friend said he did. I saw that he owned up to having smoked grass. I am very disappointed and think it is wrong.

My little cousin’s came for a visit and we played on the trampoline, fed Charlotte my rat, played hide and seek and mom hid some Easter eggs for us. It was cool and tasty.

Bye for now ….

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