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Week 3 – Home Sweet Home

Week 3 – Home Sweet Home

We started the week staying with family in their lovely home at Zimbali, the exclusive golfing estate overlooking the Indian Ocean. AA was treated to a round of golf, it took a few holes for him to realise the difference the denser air had on his club selection from the thinner air he was more used to in Jo’burg, due to the higher altitude at nearly 2000 meters above sea level. The children got to meet their 89 year old great, great Aunt. She is convinced she sees her daughter regularly on the TV, I think it is a wonderfully creative way to keep her beloved daughter near her at all times.

When we arrived back in Johannesburg we were met with gentle rain which continued for 3 days solid. This is unusual for this time of the year, we are more used to storms involving heavy down pours of rain, and occasionally hail, often accompanied by thunder and lightning.

The remainder of the week has seen us settle back into a semblance of normality.


Unfortunately my computer’s hard drive has corrupt segments on it. All of Sunday was spent  backing up my data, attempting to burn recovery disks, and running numerous chkdsk’s that kept hanging on every attempt. It was an education in computers. I spent most of the time online, on my blackberry, reading advice about hanging chkdsk runs, across all the techie forums – it was not encouraging. Then on Monday I visited three computer service centres deliberating on whom I should entrust with my precious laptop, finally settling on a small computer specialist in Killarney Mall, called Matrix Computers. It is now a matter of waiting to see what the damage is. I’m typing this week’s blog on my daughter laptop cursing as all the keys are in the wrong position!

The 6 hour journey back from KZN involved spending a good few hours answering random questions from JJ. Passing by a field of Sunflowers she asked …  If Sunflowers follow the sun during the day, what happens to them at night? Then, randomly, who is Elvis? Did I like him? Where did he live? Luckily I knew enough about Priscilla Presley, their daughter and Graceland to answer off the cuff. I also remember where I was the day of Elvis death when I was about her age. Normally when the questions start I grab hold of my Blackberry poised to search online for the answers, but driving a car puts paid to that. The other question that took some careful consideration in answering was when she wanted to know if people could be married to more than one person at the same time. I started by explaining it was called bigamy and against the law to be married to more than one person, but then the waters got distinctly muddy when we meandered into discussing the numerous wives of our very own President Zuma, which guided us into the territory of exploring Polygamy and the different beliefs of cultures or religions and how these laws are sometimes found to be different to the laws of the land.

JJ has taken to producing posters. After watching Jupiter and its four moons through binoculars on Monday night she pulled out her encyclopedia on planets reading up on our solar system. Which lead her to design a poster memorising the position of each planet through a ditty. When she finished JJ announced she wanted to make another poster and proceeded to print out pictures of alligators and Nile crocodiles making a poster on their differences. This was her way of consolidating the information she learnt last week at Crocodile Creek, see Week 2’s blog .

This week I applied for a contract writing position which involved writing an essay and putting together a CV. All my income streams in the last 14 years have involved working for myself or setting up businesses. I haven’t had the need for a CV in years, even for me it was an eye opener when confronted, in black and white, with my variety of undertakings over the years. The feedback given was that they liked my style of writing and have asked me to research and write an article which, subject to approval, I should receive payment.

Last year I took the unprecedented step of choosing to spend a good portion of my spare time pursuing that what I enjoy doing the most, and I enjoy writing. For many years I’ve been dissuaded from pursuing this passion. I’ve absorbed the subtle mutterings by well wishes to consider writing as more of a hobby, to not expect to make an income from it. The conscious decision to pursue a writing career started with me resurrecting a ten year old children’s manuscript which had been shunted, neglected, from one computer upgrade to the next. When I was happy with it I dispatched it to a publisher. Moving on I tackled an idea I’ve been mulling on for some time, a book aimed at young teens, it is still work in progress. This shared blog, with JJ, is my other writing project. Then today I was given the opportunity to develop my writing, even further, by producing articles. Stepping back I realise that I am finally spending my days doing what I enjoy.


This week I met my great, great aunt T she is 89, she is so sweet and very old. My mom had met her before but T couldn’t remember her any more.

I’ve loved reading Harry Potter as I said before. I’m on chapter 19 The Hungarian Horntail in the fourth book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m not going to tell you what is happening because I don’t want to spoil it for you if you ever read it.

I baked a sponge cake, my cousin gave me the recipe, and I decorated it for Sunday afternoon tea. It was delicious. We didn’t have glycerine for the icing, so I went with my Dad to find some at the shops, I learnt that glycerine keeps icing from going hard.

I came home to my laptop and added half a chapter to the book I’m writing about a girl named Cleo. I’m not going to tell you about it because I don’t want to spoil it for you. When I am finished it I will put it on my blog. I also played on Moshi Monsters I now have 47 Moshlings.

We played bingo on Sunday, each of us taking a turn being the one calling out the numbers – it was fun playing with all the family.

I taught myself a lot of the tune from Harry Potter, by ear, on my piano. I got stuck and printed out the sheet music from the internet but couldn’t understand it. So I will take it to my music teacher to help me.

My brother and I laid under the stars on Monday night looking at Jupiter and its moons through binoculars. Today I made a poster of our solar system it was very fun.

I also made a poster about Nile Crocodiles and Alligators writing down all that I remembered from our visit to the crocodile farm last week in Balito.

I started back with my activities and have been to ballet and tennis so far.  I also went to see a modern dance class and have decided to start doing modern dance.

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